To Thee From Me

To Thee From Me-

You are worth
Far more than 
You believe. 
You deserve 
Everything you think
You don’t.
You’re a gem hidden
In the dark sands
Of this cruel city.
A ray of light
In this dimly lit world.
Your kindness is rare.
Your heart is generous.
May life bring you
Everything you desire.
Sunshine, Rainbows, Laughter
and Light.

for js


Butterflies and Pain

Butterflies create a tornado
When my doorbell rings!
It’s him and his smile
And all the joy he brings.
This is so new to me
So strange to feel
Like a teenager again.
To tingle at his touch
To have someone to hold.
Even knowing that it
It will bring me pain
I wouldn’t change a thing.
It will hurt.
And it will end.
Could you and I
Become “We”?
I know not the answer.
But while I’m traveling this
Delicious path
Of Sensual pleasures and
Emotional highs.
I’ll just enjoy
The Scenery.