Her Chaos

Her Chaos Is Her Legacy
Rage and Love
Music and Sadness
And So Much Anger
A Girlhood Stolen
A Life Not Fulfilled
Of Trying and Failing
Loneliness, So Deep and Unspoken
She Could Not Love Herself
A Trail Of Tears and Scars
Stolen Moments of Tenderness
Brief Periods of Laughter and Love
Wishing Wishes Upon Stars
Wishes That Never Would Come True
Of Things That Never Were
And Things That Never Would Be
A Heart Ruled By A Damaged Mind
And The Daughter She Left Behind


AnyKorlWoman said...

I was looking for you (from an old LJ community) and came here hoping to reconnect and ask for some help. I have a very sick kitty right now at the vet. And then, saw your poem here. This really hits me, speaks for me quite unexpectedly, though I didn't expect it. Hence, I created a new blogspot with the name of "AnyKorlWoman" as a reference to the Rebecca Harding Davis short story. If you see this and have the time, would love to text/message/ etc. ASAP about the kitty, but I've always wanted to connect with you off LJ anyway. Best to you and many thanks.

Trixie Van Sickle said...

Hi I'm not sure who you are since I've never used this name on LJ.