My Mosaic Heart

Long ago I dipped my heart
In stone to protect it from
Life’s cruelty
With each heartbreak
A crack appears
I repair it with whatever
Emotional glue lay near
It is now a mosaic
Evidence of life’s wounds
It looks beautiful,
Like artistic marble,
Varied colors and textures.
Beautiful to the eye.
But oh so fragile to the touch.


Shouting At Ghosts

All my anger and tears
Are towards a Ghost.
Someone who is long gone.
Passed on from this world.
To the next.
How does one purge themselves
Of the unresolved traumas?
How do you shout at the Dead?
How do you tell a Ghost,
Why you’re still so angry,
Still filled with tears and rage?
How do you make Peace with the Dead?


Open Arms

A Friend was standing behind Someone,
Waiting, with their arms open.
They’d once been very close,
But that Someone turned their attention elsewhere.
That Someone had turned their back to this loyal Friend.
And seemed to no longer care.
Another approached this Friend and asked,
“Why are you standing here?
They have turned their back to you.
Why are your arms still open? 
Are you a Fool?"
The Friend smiled a gentle smile and said,
“I’m not a fool, I'm a Friend, here to catch them just in case They fall.”


If I were....

If I were a tree,
I would shelter you,
From rain and wind and snow.

If I were a star,
I would light your way,
So you would never be lost in the dark.

If I were a wall,
You could lean on me,
When you’re weary from walking too long.

If I were a rainbow,
I’d brighten the sky wherever you are,
So you would never feel alone.

But I am not a rainbow, not a wall, nor a star or a tree.
I’m just Me.
And that is all I will ever be.